Delfina Emmanuel

The ceramic forms I make have been influenced by the delicate and fragile nature of living organisms. My sources of inspiration come from my birth island of Sardinia, rich in marine life, with corals, anemones and rock formations.

I try to capture these delicate qualities in my vessels and by making them as exquisite as possible, I hope to express the preciousness of life. My aim is to make objects, which go beyond use, the very decoration that draws you in becomes a barrier, a shield. The hollow egg like form, which is at the core of each structure, remains a symbol of new life, whilst having the generous association of domesticity.

The slow hand building process allows time for a meditative approach, which coupled with determination and patience bring me joy and satisfaction. I build up rich surfaces from layers of glaze and lustre to create pieces that I hope express the ideas, which I regard as being important.